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Your ultimate destination for lightning-fast Ruby application deployment with near-zero configuration right onto your very OWN SERVER. WrappedBy is designed to turbocharge your deployment process, ensuring you can effortlessly manage your servers and applications while we handle the heavy lifting. Imagine having the power to focus solely on your application, while WrappedBy efficiently ships it to the world.


Libur.run is a next-gen open source self-serve HR platform! Libur.run aim is to empower HR teams with a powerful and intuitive platform that streamlines HR processes and makes it easier to manage employee information, leaves, claims, and more. Built with the latest technology and user-centric design, Libur.run delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience for HR teams and employees alike.


A collection of tips and tricks for the Ruby on Rails ecosystem curated from X (formerly Twitter). RailsTips.DEV is your beacon, guiding you through the latest trends, updates, and insights that matter most in the world of software development.